Friday, January 1, 2016

King Solomon on Why God Created Us (u/d)


Why did God create us?
There have been millions of words written over time about why God created us. I have even added to the mountains of words a brief previous post referenced below, of what I surmised King Solomon said to the Queen of Sheba about this same question.
However, I also believe there is another reason explained in this wise old saying.
“Someone once said the reason God created us was because He loves to hear a good story.”
Will your story of what occurred in 2015 please Him?
If not, I hope and pray that you receive a numinous touch to make your 2016 story be more pleasing to Him, yourself, family, friends, and community..
Regards, Goodwill Blogging, and Happy New Year 2016.
King Solomon on the Meaning of Life. HERE