Wednesday, November 18, 2015



I recommend you read the above source post of Citizen Tom.  Great commentary as well as a meaningful goad to prod thought to consider our own actions.
However, there does come a time when we have to say ” Depart from me”  when we recognize a scoffer or a fool.

Some people may say it is your right to choose, but with every right, there is also a duty attached. We seem to all, including myself, who from time to time forget the duty part when we complain or even scoff at times.
In other words, do something worthwhile to expel the scoffers. A fool politician wears an empty suit when he makes promises and after being elected does nothing to fulfill his duty to act on his promises. RHINOS, etc.
As for a religious scoffer, expel them from your life. If you see or hear a religious scoffer on TV and radio,  turn them off. It is both your religious right and your duty, in my opinion.
Regards and goodwill blogging.