Wednesday, February 26, 2014

King Solomon’s Motivational Work Organ


We read or hear numerous opinions in the news about Unemployment Compensation Term Limits and Government Social Plans and Programs to motivate unemployed people to find jobs and work to feed themselves and their families. This same problem has existed throughout history because there are limited resources of farmland, or needs for people that once had a great job paying job that has disappeared for numerous reasons. Whether this exists because of poor government leadership and planning in another topic of opinion.
King Solomon knew about a human organ to motivate people to find work even when the only available work was a lower paying or menial job, or be motivated to strive to better their circumstances. In a novel excerpt, King Solomon reveals this motivational organ to the Queen of Sheba. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote understanding of proverbs and ancient wise sayings in relation to our modern times.
Our people, mainly farmers and herders would learn the skills of Hiram’s artisans. We needed laborers to manufacture products to trade to earn a livelihood. There is limited land in Israel, and in time, not everyone will be able to own sufficient land to feed his or her families. Righteous people will work at anything to feed their mouths even though their toils are drudgery. The greater their appetite, the harder they will work. A laborer’s appetite toils for him, his mouth urges him on. (Proverb 16:26)
As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka
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