ever succeed with New Year’s Resolutions?
Ever wonder why we make new year resolutions? If you read the brief History Article of how New Year resolutions came about, and then read King Solomon’s advice, you will be given a clue to discern about making resolutions that may suceed.

History of New Year Resolutions HERE
Ecclesiastes 5, Verses 1-7 HERE
In My Opinion
Spiritual inspiration from this ancient source will always work best to motivate the positive in our lives if we take the time to read the advice.
If Interested
Read more about King Solomon Proverbs in a contemporary novel of how he shared his wisdom with the Queen of Sheba three thousand years ago. The novel is non-denominational based on Judea Christian proverbs and ancient near eastern sources of wisdom. Proverbs and wise sayings teach us to succeed in life, sometimes called “the granddaddy of every self-improvement book ever.”  
As a Lily Among Thorns, A Story of King Solomon,  Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom
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