I wrote a post about how Cuba has the lowest HIV percentage in the World. After writing, I wondered why the USA did not do the same. The same being to make use of existing quarantine laws and practices that the CDC could have used in a similar manner as Cuba but did not.  Why is the subject of this post.
Why, In My Opinion
The first reason was HIV was a problem that affected Gays and in 1983, the USA had a low opinion of Gays. In other words, they did not care if someone engaged in what was considered an aberrant sex practices lived or died.
The second reason was political correctness. In other words, politicians did not want to jeopardize their political careers by coming to the defense of gays, in spite of the fact that some gays people engage in bisexual acts. The result is the predominately infected males passed the infection to females who then passed the infection to unsuspecting males and so on.
The third reason is what the CDC terms stigmatism and discrimination reasons. In other words, the USA Center for Disease Control, CDC, instead of enacting quarantine powers, instead listened to political correct politicians. In other words, they compromised their responsibilities. They may defend themselves by saying they erred if it was not for Cuba methods of quarantine and education proved to have the lowest HIV  statistics  in the world.
The fourth reason is the failure of Congress to consider their responsibility to override human individual rights for the better of community human rights.
The Result of Political Correctness and Apathy in the USA
At the end of 2013, an estimated 1.2 million persons aged 13 and older were living with HIV infection in the United States, including an estimated 161,200 (13%) persons whose infections had not been diagnosed.a
In 2014, the number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as stage 3 (AIDS) in the United States was 12,333.
The cumulative estimated number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as stage 3 (AIDS) in the United States, through 2014, was 678,509.
CDC Statistics ages groups begin at age 12.
King Solomon
In ancient times a dog was considered to be a low esteemed animal and a lion a high esteemed animal.
You Decide
Do you believe those who died of AIDs would have minded if they were quarantined in hope of preventing others from death?
Do you prefer your politicians engage in political correctness or truth?
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 PS December 1, is World Aids Day 
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