Tuesday, September 1, 2015

King Solomon, A Wise love Song,

I wrote two posts last week of songs sung in the 60’s with questions posed by singers lamenting about fools and love. I surmised in the posts how King Solomon might have answered the questions posed by the singers. I decided then to check out today’s songs and do the same. The reason is, in order to try to relate ancient wisdom to modern times, I need to keep current or the younger generation might consider me to be an old guy out of touch, right?

So I decided to check out the top song today to see how I might try to relate that song to King Solomon’s ancient wisdom. Then I could surmise how he might offer his wise advice in relation to the song subject that is listed as number one in popularity charts.
What was listed is Can’t Feel My Face. I then read the lyrics and frankly did not understand what the singer was singing about. I was about to give up and believe  I must be old and out of touch when I finally read some comments that explained what the song is all about.
The song is about a person comparing the feeling he experiences when he thinks about a girl he is enamored with. He compares the intense feeling of love to the feeling drugs give him when he zones out to a point when he longer feels his face.
Are there any relevant writings of King Solomon I can compare these lyrics to in order to surmise what word of wisdom he might advise  the singer? Yes, there is a similar experience he described when he experimented trying to understand this similar experience he described in his proverbs.
Your eyes see strange things, you think up absurdities to say.
You are like a man going to bed on the high seas, like the one who lies down on the top of the tackle.
They beat me and I felt no pain, they struck me but I was not aware of it, When shall I fully wake up? I shall go in search of another drink. (Proverbs 23: 33-35)
The only difference is King Solomon was referring to the effects of drinking too much wine rather than drugs. I assume the numbing effects of either wine or drugs are perhaps similar. However, the recidivism of an alcoholic is less than a heroin addict. I was advised by a doctor that only ten percent of heroin addicts are ever cured from heroin addictions.
That being said, I would surmise King Solomon, based on his proverbs, would regard addicts to be fools until they free themselves from their addictions. I also surmise  he would consider it hopeless to advise even a rich or famous addict that offered him money to teach him or her about his wisdom because a person needs a clear head to understand wisdom.  An addict will keep repeating their folly because of their addiction.
Why then does a fool have a fee in his hand? To buy wisdom when he has no brains. (Proverb 17:16).
 As a dog returns to his vomit, so does a fool return to his folly. (Proverb 27:11)
As for parents today with young impressionable children, I surmise he might caution them to find out what songs they are listening to on the modern technology gadgets they gifted them. They may be becoming brainwashed by the songs they are listening to and wind up walking on a crooked path in life as King Solomon wrote.
Train up a youth in the way he might go, and to the end of his life he will not deviate from it. (Proverb 22:6)
As for me, after this experience of deciphering modern song lyrics, the only song I prefer to listen to now is HERE.
Also frankly, I don’t care if anyone thinks I am an old guy. My wife bought me a cap that says OLD GUYS RULE and I think we need to rescind back in time  to that philosophy based on the songs and news I am hearing today.
Regards and goodwill blogging.
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