Friday, December 6, 2013

What Enhanced a Woman Most in the Eyes of King Solomon?

In the Bible, King Solomon was described to be blessed with great wisdom, authored many wise proverbs, and accumulated vast wealth. He purportedly had a harem of 700 wives and 300 concubines. What was the wisdom of having so many wives and indeed if the numbers were true and accurate, what answer did he give the Queen of Sheba when she asked him this question? He answered her with a four reasons, one excerpt is given below.
 “The first reason is our religious beliefs and my role as King of Israel. We believe our earth to be female, as a mother is that nourishes her children. Yahweh fertilizes our earth through his Goddesses. The Goddesses of the Earth, Sea, Wind, Rain, and Wisdom are a few examples. My seal of two inverted pyramids symbolizes the perfect union of male and female. I must be virile in my role as King to fertilize Israel, same as Yahweh fertilizes our land. We believe that a king that is no longer virile must relinquish his throne. When we all gather together as a family, my people witness the virility of their King.”
An example in the Bible was when a beautiful young concubine virgin was prescribed in an attempt to warm the bed of King David to restore his virility without success; King David then succeeded his throne to his son Solomon.
What quality in a woman did Solomon admire most?  He gives a clue in his proverb which I selected below. Keep in mind though, that a proverb needs to be discerned and the meaning of any proverb may have many interpretations and personal opinions. In my novel I surmised that he hinted his choice of eminence that most enhanced a woman’s beauty in his eyes with this paragraph and comparison proverb.   
“As I listened to the cheering and looked at Bilqis, I thought to myself, she illuminates the gold she displays with her graciousness and taste. She derives attention not only from her attractiveness, or from her gold earrings that she wears, but also more significantly from the personal qualities within her. This is a beautiful woman with good taste and intellectual discrimination. Anyone can wear gold earrings, yet gold alone will not bring a woman respect and influence.” A gold ring on a pig’s snout, a beautiful woman with no taste. (Proverb 11:22) 
                                                              Source: Chapter One
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