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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

King Solomon, A Dog and Lion Proverb Relating to HIV/AIDS Epidemic


Why Aids Became an Epidemic in the USA
Cuba has the lowest HIV percentage in the World mainly because of how they addressed the epidemic. Per person, there have been 35 times more deaths from AIDS in the United States than in Cuba. 
I wondered why the USA did not do the same. The same is to make use of existing quarantine laws and practices as Cuba. The CDC could have but did not.  Why not, is the subject of this post.
In My Opinion
The first reason was HIV was a problem that affected mainly gays and drug addicts. In 1983. the majority of people in the USA had a low opinion of gays and addicts. In other words, most people were apathetic about someone who engaged in aberrant sexual practices or drugs.
The second reason was political correctness. In other words, politicians did not want to jeopardize their political careers. However, some gays engage in bisexual acts and there are male and female drug addicts. The result is the predominately infected males passed the infection to females who then passed the infection to unsuspecting males and so on.
The third reason is what the CDC terms stigmatize and discrimination reasons. In other words, the CDC, Center for Disease Control, instead of enacting quarantine powers, they compromised their responsibilities for political correctness.
The fourth reason is the failure of Congress to become involved with their responsibility to address quarantine and make decisions about individual rights versus community rights to live or die.
The Result of Political Correctness and Apathy in the USA
2 At the end of 2013, an estimated 1.2 million persons aged 13 and older were living with HIV infection in the United States, including an estimated 161,200 (13%) persons whose infections had not been diagnosed.
In 2014, the number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as stage 3 (AIDS) in the United States was 12,333.
The cumulative estimated number of deaths of persons with diagnosed HIV infection ever classified as stage 3 (AIDS) in the United States, through 2014, was 678,509.
3 Racial and ethnic minorities have been disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic, and represent the majority of new HIV diagnoses, people living with HIV disease, and deaths among people with HIV.  
King `Solomon
In ancient times a dog was considered to be a low esteemed animal and a lion a high esteemed animal.
You Decide
Is King Solomon right that it is better to be alive than dead regardless of how esteemed or stigmatized you are by others?
Would it have been better to quarantine, care, and educate to control and prevent the spread of HIV same as Cuba did?
Do you prefer your politicians engage in political correctness or truth when there is a health epidemic threatening the USA population?
Regards and goodwill blogging
 PS December 1, was World Aids Day 
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Monday, November 28, 2016

King Solomon, Fidel Castro, A Wise Savior


How Castrol’s wisdom saved lives. 
News of his death is being both mourned and celebrated for different reasons. Regardless of the truth or opinion of the parties that have been affected by his leadership methods, there is one positive that cannot be disputed about how  his wisdom on handling this situation saved lives to a higher degree than any other nation or leader in the world.
Before I explain this statement, I want to relate his wisdom to a King Solomon Proverb.
Effective Leadership Confronts and Eliminates Divisive Subordinates
The fifth leadership lesson from King Solomon is that effective leaders confront and eliminate divisive naysayers. Poor attitudes can become a cancer that will eventually tear apart an organization. The best leaders guard their organizations from those with such poor attitudes. Solomon wrote: “Remove the dross from the silver, and out comes material for the silversmith; remove the wicked from the king’s presence, and his throne will be established through righteousness” (Proverbs 25:3,4)
Rights vs Righteousness vs Innocent Victims
Fidel Castro jailed dissenters and disregarded individual political rights. However,  his methods of addressing the issue resulted in the best results to control the problem than any other nation or leader in the world.
What Issue?
Cuba’s national AIDS program is the most successful in the world based solely on statistics, and this country also has what many believe is the most interesting program in the world. Cuba took drastic action in public health even before AIDS had reached the country.
Per person, there have been 35 times more deaths from AIDS in the United States than in Cuba5.(source below)
HIV/AIDS is a World Epidemic
Yet in spite of an increaing epidemic, world leaders and their methods of combatting the spread are  not effective as Cuba. The result is that millions of people have aids and do not know it are continuing to infect innocent victims.
In My Opinion
Perhaps his death might inspire a conversation about how to study or emulate his actions which statistically has saved many lives in Cuba. Whether or not he saved more lives in comparison to the number he may be responsible for Cuban deaths or abuses of political rights is another issue.
King Solomon in his Ecclesiastes made this statement.
The question of political rights is meaningless to a dead person. HIV/AIDs is deadly epidemic disease.
The issue of rights becomes a issue of whose rights are being taken. The rights of an innocent victim or the rights of the person who knowingly or unknowingly infects an innocent victim? Or the wisdom of someone who engages in unprotected sex in a time of a deadly epidemic?
You decide?
Regards and goodwill blogging.
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

King Solomon, Lowest Abortion Update

th (26)

Who has the fewest abortions and why?
The CDC, Center for USA Disease Control just reported the lowest abortion rate in the USA since 1971, two years prior to Roe vs Wade Supreme Court Decision.
If you read through the report on the various groups of the CDC detailed findings of reasons listed for the abortions, you will find that the lowest percentage of women that had abortions can be related to a King Solomon Song Verse, and, to an Ancient Wise Woman’s Advice for both men and women.
Yes, there are also  reasons why modern medicine has reduced abortions.    Perhaps though, the advice of these two ancient wisdom writings might significantly help reduce the a nearly one million yearly other than medical reasons why abortions take place in the USA.
  1. King Solomon Ancient Song Verses (Chapter Three)
5.Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you
    by the gazelles and by the does of the field:
Do not arouse or awaken love
    until it (marriage) so desires.
  1. Ancient Wise Woman’s Advice 
“Intercourse brings on lactation.”  
CDC Detailed Finding
About 15 percent of women who obtained an abortion were married. 
Question to Discern
If the other 85 percent of women who had abortions were married, would the USA abortion rate be even lower?
You decide.
Regards and goodwill blogging
CDC Abortion Statistics HERE
Song of Songs HERE
King Solomon, Lactation HERE
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